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Updated June 2024

Institute of Aikido Summer Course 2024:

The Institute Summer Course 2024 will be held at Oatridge College, Ecclesmachan near Edinburgh from Saturday 3 August to Friday 9 August.

Slough Centre Aikido Club

Slough Centre Aikido Training Sessions are held on Tuesdays (Aikido weapons - Bokken & Jo) and on Thursdays (Open Hand Techniques) at Farnham Royal Village Hall, Farnham Lane, Slough, SL2 3AX from 8:00 to 9:30pm. There is plenty of parking.

Slough Centre Aikido Club has been operating in the Slough area since 1967. As a member of the Institute of Aikido, the style of Aikido practised at the Dojo is the style developed by the late Haydn Foster Sensei, the founder of the Institute.

Sensei William Timms, 6th Dan IoA, the Principal of Slough Centre Aikido, began practising Aikido in 1971 and is a member of the Governing Board of the Institute of Aikido. IOALogo(notext)

Training fees may be paid either monthly or per session.

For further information please phone: 07770 823255 or click below to email:

A Very Brief Introduction to Aikido:

Aikido is different from other Martial Arts in that it is non-competitive. The fellow student with whom you train is not your opponent in the conventional sense, but rather a training partner who allows you to use his/her body to learn your techniques. Although Aikido was developed from Ju-Jitsu and other martial arts, its objective is to control without necessarily inflicting injury. It depends on throws and joint locks, with particular emphasis on circular movements and use of the hips. It is suited to all ages from 16 upwards and both sexes.  An important component of the Institute style of Aikido is training with weapons - the Bokken (wooden practice sword) and the Jo (wooden staff), which helps to improve body movement when practising without weapons.

In the Dojo the usual Japanese practice uniform of a white gi is worn, although beginners are permitted to use loose fitting clothing such as trainer bottoms and tee shirt.

If you are interested in possibly taking up Aikido you are very welcome to come and watch a training session in progress.

Training at Slough Centre Aikido Club: